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Masternode Buzz

  • Matrix Unveils Blockchain-based Horse Game, Horse Saga! [Link]
  • Start Exchange Closes Shop! [Link]
  • Horizen Launches Blockchain Academy Platform! [Link]
  • Birake Unveils Community Coin Voting! [Link]
  • PolisPay Card Moves to Open Beta Testing Plus Project Roadmap! [Link]
  • SysCoin Unveils Governance and Masternode Updates with v4.0! [Link]


  • ColossusXT launches their new Roadmap on their Blog.
  • Dash podcast 94 with Dash core group CMO on YouTube.
  • Divi Project weekly update on their Blog.
  • Horizen's ZenHelp launches Spanish support on their Blog.
  • Polis announces that Groestlcoin is now on PolisPay on Medium.
  • Polis announces that Zcoin is now on PolisPay on Medium.
  • Polis announces that DigiByte is now on PolisPay on Medium.
  • Polis announces open beta and roadmap on Medium.
  • GoByte talks about dropping convential plastic cards on Medium.
  • SmartCash SmartTalk podcast episode 11 with Anypay's Derrick Freeman on YouTube.
  • GINCoin weekly update on Medium.
  • Matrix AI CEO Owen Tao AMA answers on Medium.
  • Terracoin weekly update on Medium.
  • PACcoin announces partnership with The Flame of Peace and GlobalBoost on Medium.
  • Midas announces collateral change to 2500 on Twitter.

Masternodes.online (Website)

  • IoTeX $IOTX has been added to MNO's Upcoming #masternode page.
  • Livenodes $LNO has added 3 Tiers to the MNO platform.

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