Masternode Buzz

  • BiblePay $BBP unlocked their Website, Discord and Twitter in our Masternode Directory.
  • SmartCash Increases Masternode Collateral by 10x Without Voting! [Link]
  • Monthly Roundup of Best Performing Masternodes #January! [Link]
  • NIX Welcome Charlie Shrem: Good or Bad Move? [Link]
  • From Field to Can, Bock Chain Beer Powered by TE-FOOD! [Link]
  • Want to know which Masternodes to buy on @southxchange? We have integrated them into our Masternode Directory! [Link]


  • Matrix AI Network monthly report on Medium.
  • PIVX announces robotics sponsorship on YouTube.
  • Dash podcast 89 on YouTube.
  • SysCoin evolution and 4.0 announcement on Medium.
  • GINCoin weekly update on Medium.
  • Terracoin weekly update on Medium.
  • Bulwark has been listed on Announcement on Medium.
  • PIVX weekly PIVXpress on YouTube.
  • Deviant has been added to Trittium's node hosting platform.
  • Deviant announces the release of their Deviant X Android wallet on Twitter.
  • HackCrypto's 2 month 11 masternode update on YouTube.
  • BiblePay 2019Q1 newsletter is available on their Website. (Website)

  • All tiers of $PHON @phonecoin_PHON have been updated with new rewards & collateral tables.

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