Masternode Buzz

  • We are very happy to announce CryptoDezireCash $CDZC as our newest Premium Buzz Backer! CryptoDezire is developing a variety of Crypto / blockchain platforms including directory listing, shared masternode services, and masternode / vps hosting services.
  • Possible Security Vulnerability on Coinomi Wallet! [Link]
  • Matrix AI Launches Mainnet! [Link]
  • Cryptopia Hints on Resuming Operations on Monday! [Link]
  • Zcoin Now Supported by Binance Trust Wallet! [Link]
  • Monthly Buzz Backers March 2019 Update! [Link]
  • Monthly Roundup of Best Performing Masternodes #February! [Link]


  • Matrix AI Network's February monthly report on Medium.
  • Blocknet has been added to the FEX Exchange on Medium.
  • Blocknet reminds people to vote for the latest superblock on Medium.
  • Blocknet weekly update on Medium.
  • Divi Project weekly update on their Blog.
  • Dash podcast episode 93 on YouTube.
  • Horizen talks about their node tracking system changes and enhancements on their Blog.
  • LUXCORE adds to developers to their development team on Medium.
  • GINCoin weekly update on Medium.
  • Terracoin weekly update on Medium.
  • Loki announces their mandatory upgrade on Medium.
  • Energi releases it's newest promotional video on YouTube. (Website)

  • FlexWork $FLX has been added to the MNO platform.

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