• Buzz: Divi Gets Listed on Cryptopia!
  • Buzz: GoByte Has Released Its GoByte Pay Mobile!
  • "Pure community Please withdraw All your funds from Asap as we are going to develop Bitshares based Dex"
  • Zcoin has been added to the paytomat payment platform.
  • SmartCash weekly update on their Website.
  • Zoin ended all activities 10th of October 2018, more on their Website.
  • Apollon Nodebuilder platform added Wagerr.
  • Gentarium has become an official listed company in the European Union, more on Twitter.
  • "Ambrosus is coming to WebSummit! Meet 8 $AMB Team members in Lisbon and visit our exhibition stand and community meetup after the Summit."
  • LuxCore: Deposit are now open on coinbene! $LUX will be available for Trading on 2018/10/12 11:00 (GMT+8).
  • Syscoin weekly update on Medium. (Website)

  • Midas $MIDAS has been added to the MNO platform.
  • Proelio $PEO has been added as an #ICO to the MNO platform and to the ICO tab.

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