• Buzz: XDNA Gets listed on Cryptopia!
  • Acreage will be live on @CryptoBridge this week.
  • Gentarium: New coins were added to our platform. Dash, Purex, Dividend cash.
  • GIN Platform added Gentarium hosting.
  • Lightpay Coin LPC Cryptopia Listing.
  • ZenCash: Panda Exchange is now available in Europe featuring ZEN/EUR pairing.
  • BiblePay Trading Live on
  • Trittium multi currency wallet now available in google play.
  • SmartCash will soon be added to @Ethos_io wallet.
  • ColossusXT: Patches for v1.1.0 are now complete.
  • DeviantCoin has been added to CoinPayments. (Website)

  • Zio Coin $ZIO has been added to the platform.
  • Amnesia $AMNZ has been added to the platform.
  • Sharingmarketcoin $SMK has been added to the platform.

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