• DigitalPrice: We have added #innova, to our masternode hosting service.
  • HempCoin $THC has completed the updated Masternode coin swap.
  • Stakenet $XSN is now accepted as a payment through @CoinPaymentsNET.
  • Zcoin is coming soon to
  • ZenCash' BD Director Rowan talks about usability, zenhide and more on Youtube.
  • ZenCash mandatory upgrade to version 2.0.14 must be complete before June 28th.
  • Syscoin and BitCab are building Uber 2.0 on Blockchain.
  • VeChain Blockchain launch schedule available on Twitter.
  • PIVX has been listed on and
  • Trittium released their MacOS wallet.
  • GIN Platform launches Dash masternode hosting.
  • Buzz: Upcoming: #DigitalCoin $DGC masternodes launching the first of July!
  • TE-FOOD cooperates with Deloitte to implement blockchain based traceability projects (Medium).
  • Shekel $JEW: As communicated, protocol update has been enforced at 11:37PM UTC on June 20. (Website)

  • Crypto Trading Solutions $CTS has been added to the platform as an #ICO with highlighted row & found in the ICO tab.
  • $APIS has been added to upcoming #Masternodes page.

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