• Buzz: Governance at its finest: Disappointed investor spends thousands of dollars on new Dash management proposals!
  • Buzz: LightPayCoin Gets Listed on #Cryptopia!
  • MCTplus released their updated white paper PDF.
  • PIVXpress news on YouTube.
  • Phore Blockchain is now taking questions for the AMA Event on Sunday, Aug. 26th at 11am EDT/3pm UTC.
  • Cazcoin trading is resumed on cryptobridge exchange. Deposits and withdrawals are now enabled.
  • Monkey Project masternode tracking app added PURA and Rhenium.
  • MonetaryUnit insight block explorer is live at
  • MonetaryUnit acquired to launch a cryptocurrency integrated shopping marketplace.
  • GoByte launched their official telegram channel
  • Force: Our new blockchain and upcoming 1:1 coin swap on Medium.
  • Crown PoS development entered into its 2nd phase this week. @Presstab_crypto and his team are building the system core functionality. This will be done in "unit tests" so really in a standalone way from the actual blockchain.
  • Bulwark celebrated their 6,000 Twitter followers milestone. (Website)

  • Birake $BIR has been added to the platform as an #ICO with highlighted row & is also found in the ICO tab.

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