Masternode Buzz

  • Terracoin $TRC unlocked links to their Website and Twitter in our Masternode Directory!
  • Qabio and its Masternode Fans Project Go Silent, A Possible Exit Scam! [Link]
  • Best Performing Masternodes #week4! [Link]
  • Cryptopia’s Hack Losses May Be Higher Than Expected! [Link]
  • Masternode Directory and Monetization (Limited 50% Discount)! [Link]


  • TWINS will be listed on the exchange today.
  • TomoChain: "How to build a DApp on TomoChain" on Medium.
  • Solaris announced launch on 31st of January, more on Medium.
  • Birake: "Why Birake is more than an exchange" on Medium.
  • SysCoin weekly update on Medium.
  • PACcoin bringing financial support to the unbanked on Medium.
  • SmartCash explaining SmartShift on YouTube.
  • Matrix joins the Decentralised AI Alliance on Medium.
  • Dash Green launched their store with eCommerce Payment Plugin.
  • CPChain's technology provider "Shanghai Wurong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." was selected as the "Top 100 China Blockchain Enterprises" on Twitter. (Website)

  • Qabio $QBO has been delisted from the MNO platform.
  • Blacer Coin $BLCR has been added to the MNO platform.

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