• Buzz: Best performing masternodes #week29!
  • Zcoin: What is Dandelion and how does it improve Zcoin's privacy on Medium.
  • Zcoin released wallet version 13.6.6. Mandatory for miners but optional (still recommended) for everyone else.
  • Solaris Coin has been integrated with BlockNet.
  • PAC Coin announced PAClyfe, their governance portal (Article)
  • VeChain: 100 million VTHO airdrop for Binance VET Holders.
  • TE-FOOD: We are glad to partner with Tomochain in the search for a long term blockchain infrastructure solution. More on Medium.
  • Social Send updated it's team profile.
  • PIVX is now available to purchase via Visa/Mastercard on (Website)

  • Emro $EMRO has been added to the platform.
  • Ether-1 - (ETHO-SN) Service Nodes has been added to the platform.

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