Masternode Buzz

  • GINCoin Pivots from Shared Masternodes to Develop a Global Computer Network! [Link]
  • Matrix AI Set to Launch Mainnet! [Link]
  • CryptoBridge Enforces User Verification on US Citizens [Link]
  • CoinWatch Suspends Shared Masternode Service! [Link]
  • $TWINS Gets Listed on p2pb2b Crypto Exchange! [Link]
  • Best Performing Masternodes #week9! [Link]
  • Loki Gets Listed on KuCoin! [Link]


  • PIVX discusses PoW vs PoS part 2 on their Blog.
  • Zcoin development update on their Blog.
  • Zcoin has been added to Binance's TrustWallet on their Blog.
  • Matrix launches their AI Network on Medium.
  • Blocknet announces integration of Sequence on Medium.
  • Ambrosus passes second external security audit on Medium.
  • Ambrosus community Q&A session 1 on Medium.
  • Trittium announces trttSelect for premium assets on Medium.
  • Trittium weekly report on Medium.
  • EtherZero weekly news on Medium.
  • SysCoin weekly update on Medium.
  • NIX talks about off-chain governance on Medium.
  • Polis weekly update on Medium.
  • TomoChain explains how to deploy an ICO smart contract on Medium.
  • Rapids announces Whopper cold storage partnership on Medium.
  • Zcore announces ATAR payments via Stratum on Steemit.

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