• GIN adds Stipend to their hosting platform.
  • SYNX monthly report on Medium.
  • SmartCash is listed on Korean exchange
  • SmartCash: Feel free to download our latest 1.2.3 release. It contains stability improvements and fixes. You don't have to resync.
  • Aegus: Please make sure you update your wallets to Version 1.2 BEFORE the Coinburn on July 1st, and if you are running a Masternode, be sure you update on your VPS as well!
  • Myce: Did you know DeviantCoin bot is handling @DeviantCoin #swap? Our bots are sending daily Telegram notifications for 3623 #masternode investors of our huge strategic network?
  • PACcoin is getting listed on CoinPulse.
  • HEXXcoin: After reviewing recent events we determined @CryptoMirage & @IndominusHexxx had no involvement. Unfortunately the incident led to many accusations from all parties. We mutually agreed to remove defamatory content preventing further false accusations & harm to #hexxcoin project.
  • Blocknet superblock is coming up, vote for your proposals.
  • ALQO Q&A on YouTube.
  • DigitalPrice has added SmartCash to their masternode hosting service.
  • PIVX light wallet demo on YouTube.
  • DeviantCoin gives a sneak preview of their new wallet UI:

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