• Buzz: We are proud to have listed DogeCash as our new Masternode.Buzz Backer!
  • Buzz: MNO Launches MNOtify: Receive Masternode Email Notifications!
  • Buzz: Pure Launched Their Exchange 'PureXchange'.
  • Bitcloud is now listed on the Indacoin exchange.
  • Bitcloud released their latest update
  • Apollon weekly update on YouTube celebrating their 1,000th node.
  • SmartCash has now been added to Pungo wallet
  • MonetaryUnit presents their in-house developed crypto-tracker
  • Crown reaches US National Television. The @RobLowe SuccessFiles airing will feature a commercial segment about Crown Platform.
  • Gold Poker Coin shows a sneakpeak of their gambling platform on Twitter.
  • Gentarium Platform has listed Neutron $NTRN. (Website)

  • OTRchain $OTR has been added to the MNO platform.
  • StakeCubeCoin $SCC has been added to the MNO platform.

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