• Buzz: TE-FOOD Tracking App Preview.
  • Buzz: Communities battle over 'best masternode'.
  • ZenCash releases DAO treasury voting system prototype on their blog.
  • Hexx is listed and live on @livecoin_net with the pairs HXX/BTC and HXX/ETH.
  • SocialSend will be listed on @EscodexOfficial.
  • GIN Platform added PURA and AcedCoin masternode hosting.
  • Colossus XT weekly update image.
  • Deviant Coin trading has been resumed on Cryptopia.
  • Motion Coin v2 wallet will include a OneClick miner.
    DhTiQz9UEAEC-Xl (Website)

  • Congratulations to Divi Project $DIVX & Digitalcoin $DGC on successful #masternode launches! Both have been removed from upcoming page.
  • Blocknode $BND has been added to the platform.

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