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  • CryptoDezireCash Wants to Truly Digitalize the Crypto Space!
  • CryptoDezireCash offers customized and streamlined solutions to businesses who want to enter the crypto market. Their services include coin and tip bot development, airdrop deployment, marketing and coin promotion and building of block explorer. Recently they have released their Android Wallet.


Masternode Buzz

  • We have listed the p2pb2b exchange! Want to know which Masternodes are listed on the p2pb2b exchange? Visit our Masternode Exchange Directory at http://coins.masternode.buzz/exchanges!
  • Masternode Buzz Goes to Discord! [Link]
  • Best Performing Masternodes #week10! [Link]
  • Gentarium to Hold Referendum on Block Rewards! [Link]


  • Birake will list one coin for free per week based on community voting on Medium.
  • "TE-FOOD offers governments the solution to mitigate the effects of the deadly African Swine Fever outbreak" on Medium.
  • Zcoin Binance AMA transcript available on Medium.
  • Matrix AI announces LITEX partnership on Medium.
  • GINCoin talks about legal, philisophical and business ideas regarding shared masternodes on Medium.
  • TomoChain community update on Medium.
  • TomoChain client v1.3 release announcement on Medium.
  • TomoChain is officially supported on Ledger hardware wallets on Medium.
  • SysCoin weekly community update on Medium.
  • SysCoin talks about their v4.0 release changes on Medium.
  • Dash interview with Bitcoin Cash ambassador Sterlin Lujan on YouTube.
  • StakeNet reviews their achievements in 2018 on Medium.
  • StakeNet have merged support for Trezor in Github on Medium.
  • StakeNet is now available on Ledger hardware wallets on Medium.
  • StakeNet will be listed on the ABCC exchange on Medium.
  • Bitcoin Green monthly report on Medium.
  • Loki bi-monthly update on Medium.
  • Dash Green is listed on the Zolex Coin exchange.
  • SmartCash weekly update on their Website.

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