• Buzz: DigitalCoin: The Road To Masternodes Interview!
  • Buzz: Upcoming: Ambrosus Masternodes!
  • GIN Platform adding three more coins today: Stakenet, Ionomics and HexxCoin.
  • Deviant Coin announcing coin burn of 800,000 DEV.
  • Innova Coin: Make sure to have updated your hot and cold wallets before the block 185000. The version should be 12.1.10.
  • Phore Blockchain is pleased to announce a partnership with StoneCash, the leading, online global purchasing group for the stone industry. $PHR will enable B2B Cross-Border transactions to facilitate lower costs and instant transactions.
  • PACcoin's Masternode Monitor iOS app now available in the App Store.
  • CazCoin warning: Yesterday we encountered a hacking event on our wallet to allow the minting of approximately 4 million coins in one day. Fortunately this was caught and all exchanges including stakeunited were notified to halt transactions.
  • HempCoin to be Accepted on Stembis Merchant Platform.
  • BetweenBlocks is happy to welcome @AiScoin to the forum. (Website)

  • Rupee $RUP has been added to the platform.
  • Talus Coin $TAL has been added to the platform.
  • Segreto $SGO has been added to the platform.
  • KittyCoin $KTY has been added to the platform and to Tiers tab with 20,000 & 40,000 Collateral Tiers.

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