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  • Syscoin's Blockmarket Desktop 3.1.3. HTML5 wallet and marketplace has been released. More on Medium
  • Bulwark, Logis Coin, Phore and GoByte have been added to the Apollon nodebuilder platform.
  • Bulwark has new block rewards: 20.3 BWK/block for masternodes and 10.9 for staking.
  • Gentarium masternode hosting added HempCoin.
  • Gentarium has been added to CoinExchange.io.
  • VeChain announced an Amsterdam Meetup on September 19th. Signup form on Google Docs.
  • VeChain Financial Executive Report on Medium.
  • HempCoin gets mentioned in CoinTelegraph article.
  • BiblePay weekly update on YouTube.
  • Crown Development Update on Medium.
  • Solaris weekly update on Medium.
  • Omni Analytics Masternode Monday researches when masternodes reach their all time high on Twitter.

Masternodes.online (Website)

  • EasyNodeCoin $ENC has been added to the platform as an #ICO with highlighted row & is also found in the ICO tab.
  • GrandMasterCoin $GMC has been added to the MNO platform.
  • X3Coin $X3C has been added to the MNO platform.

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