Masternode News Announcements (Telegram)

  • ZEST Listed on Cryptopia.
  • MANO has been submitted to the express listing.

@MasternodeHQ Highlights (Twitter)

  • Upcoming: ZenCash announces Super Node update schedule
  • Stakenet $XSN Discussion Part 1 on Youtube
  • Phore #Blockchain Announces Partnership with #Reddcoin! We are pleased to announce that Reddcoin $RDD will be enabled upon full product launch in the #Phore #Marketplace along with the currently enabled $PHR currency. Details on Medium
  • Nodium has burned 1 million $XN after passing block 80,000.
  • Zoin: Cryptopia has lifted the 2K $ZOI withdraw limit.
  • Crown: Unintentional chain split reported, pls refrain from sending your $CRW until further notice (BitcoinTalk).
  • Insane visiting Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam (June 27-28).
  • Crown $CRW team has released the Electrum Wallet.
  • Gin trading goes live on Cryptopia in 7 hours.
  • Bulwark version 1.3.0 has been released. Update is mandatory.
  • Deviant Coin: All stake pools have confirmed the coin swap. so please stay strong while we have announcements by tomorrow on the snapshot block and things. Rest assured, it's a simple procedure which we have consciously taken so that it eradicates the fear of a protocol like coin swap. (Website)

  • $MANO has been added to the platform.
  • MAKETRIP $MTRIP has been added to the platform.
  • We have restocked our Banner Store for our Rotating Banner that appears on all pages except HomePage and allows animated GIFs. It had been sold out.

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