• Buzz: PIVX Partners with Netcoins; Now Available for Purchase in Over 170,000 Retail Outlets!
  • Syscoin weekly update on their Website.
  • PACcoin November market commentary on their Blog.
  • PACcoin masternode owners need to recast their vote because of the recent fork. More on their Website.
  • Bitcoin Green report on Medium.
  • Luxcore AMA transcript on Medium.
  • Phore development update on Medium.
  • Zcoin: "World’s first large scale blockchain based political election held on Zcoin’s blockchain" on Medium.
  • GIN Platform reached the 5,000 hosted nodes milestone.
  • Deviant Coin has been listed on Bitker Exchange.
  • Terracoin weekly video update on YouTube.
  • Loki "Festive Freya Testnet Announcement" on Medium.
  • APR Coin mandatory mac wallet update is now available.
  • SmartCash has been added to the Trezor hardware wallet. (Website)

  • Nodify $NFY has been added to the MNO platform.
  • Ad Node $ADD has been added to the MNO platform.

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