• Buzz: ALQO and GIN Platform cooperate on Masternode Hosting.
  • #MasternodeMeBro Event #2 started, make sure to vote for your favorite coins.
  • HexxCoin announces mandatory wallet version v4.0.4.0 updating the ZeroCoin protocol and several other fixes.
  • MANO acquired the domain.
  • VeChain released their token swap and wallet AMA on Medium.
  • ColossusXT has performed it's first atomic swap, swapping COLX to KMD.
  • TE-FOOD released an interview with the team on Medium.
  • Aegeus now available on CoinExchange.
  • AdultChain @Cryptopia_NZ listing confirmed for July 17th 2018 @ 3AM UTC. Trading goes live 24 hours from then.
  • SmartCash: You can now buy tickets with SmartCash.
  • SmartCash is now live on Braziliex. (Website)

  • QYNO $QNO has been added to the platform as an #ICO with highlighted row & found in the ICO tab.

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