Direct Announcements

  • Northern: We are proud to announce that Northern will soon be listed on blocknet.


  • Crown community meetup will be in Essen, Germany on August 4th.
  • VeChain CEO is serious about their bug bounty hunt: Call for Tech Forces of VeChain Community! So far, we have received only few minor issues and 0 critical. We need your help to look at more seriously and I will personally double the reward of bounty of bug hunting.
  • Social Send decides on changing the collateral from 6.250 to 12.500 SEND after community vote.
  • ZenCash's BD Director Rowan Stone talks ZenCash with Keiser Report on Youtube.
  • Phore interview with CEO Anthony Alleyne by Fintasco.
  • The #Syscoin Community just launched its own website.
  • Akroma is creating the altcoin exchange Kastle.
  • Buzz: Crown Interview Part 2.
  • BiFrost (FROST) now supports the #Nodemaster system for multiple #masternode installations. You can now install up to 10 masternodes on a single cloud-based server.
  • Syndicate preview of their business platform:
    DgEG2rJXkAAxELV (Website)

  • $TFD TE-FOOD has been added to upcoming #Masternodes page.
  • Lucin $LSN has been added to the platform.
  • GenesisX $XGS has been added to the platform.

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