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  • Buzz: Monthly Buzz Backers September 2018 Update!
  • Buzz: GIN Platform launches Horizen $ZEN masternode hosting support!
  • Logiscoin is sponsering the teamliquid StarCraft 2 Tournament.
  • Syscoin has been added to Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Bitladon.
  • Blocknet: "Please vote for the latest Community Superblock!" on Medium.
  • Apollon has reached their 1,000 masternode milesone.
  • Innova Coin has launched the beta version of the Innova Exchange.
  • ALQO opened their pre-order for the ALQO & Bitfineon aniversary gala on gala.alqo.app.
  • Horizen third quarter 2018 review on their Blog.
  • Ionomy sneak peek at their new HTML5 wallet on Twitter.
  • Polis Blockchain: Deposits and withdrawals are now enabled at CryptoBridge.
  • Polis Blockchain released their weekly update on Medium.
  • Crown Platform commercial will be aired nationwide (across the US) during Prime Time on Fox Business Network on October 4, 2018.
  • Ignition Coin released wallet version
  • Divi Project started trading on Simex.Global.
  • LuxCore: "PoS Web Wallet technical update behind the scenes" on Medium.
  • Aegus "Wallet updates & More" on their Website.
  • BiblePay Mandatory Upgrade v1.1.5.7 by block 77000.
  • Stakenet shares their coverage from the october edition of 21Cryptops magazine on Twitter.
  • PACcoin will be exhibiting at WorldCryptoCon 2018 in Las Vegas.
  • Bulwark released their mandatory updated wallet version 2.0.0.
  • Gold Poker has been listed on CryptoRank.io.
  • Gentarium announces group discounts: "For owners of several MNs we have some discounts. By hosting more than 10 MN discount is 5% of chosen tariff. 20 MN - 10% discount, 30 MN - 15%. By hosting more than 50 MNs we offer individual conditions."

Hosting Platform Listings

  • Gentarium has added ANON to their platform.

Masternodes.online (Website)

  • Ondori $RSTR has been added to the MNO platform.
  • MNOtify is now LIVE on MNO providing free email notifications for nearly every #masternode we list except $ZEN & $ETHOS.

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