Daily Sponsor

  • U-BET Decentralized Online Sports Betting Platform on Masternodes and Smart Contracts Starting Pre-Sale in 1 Day. More on their Discord.



  • XDNA has been added to Whattomine.
  • Syscoin weekly update #14 on their website.
  • ZenCash reveiling their new brand on wednesdays 1 PM EDT biweekly update.
  • PIVXcentral.org is live: Easily review and submit proposals, view current voting status, view budget allocation, see when the next superblock will occur, and more.
  • Motion Coin weekly update on Medium.
  • MCTplus released their new Roadmap.
  • StakeAndNodes podcast Episode 8 with Florian Nodemaster on Soundhound.

Masternodes.online (Website)

  • FOSSIL $FOS has been added to the platform.

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