• Buzz: Gentarium Changes Miner Rewards and Adds Dynamic MN Collateral!.
  • Crown Platform featured on “Success Files presented by Rob Lowe”. More on Medium.
  • Vivid Platform shows off a screenshot from their Alpha App on Twitter.
  • Polispay Beta cards for the testers are arriving. Pictures on Twitter.
  • PolisPay weekly update on Medium.
  • Apollon will host their Q3 webinar at 1pm, Oct 24th on
  • Bitcoin Green weekly report on Medium.
  • DogeCash shows a sneak peak of their governance platform on Twitter.
  • "Horizen Co-founder @robviglione is speaking at one of the world’s leading cannabis conferences CannMedEvents at 2pm PST today."
  • Deviant Coin will be releasing a multi asset walle. DEV holders will receive bounty rewards from new coins being added. Beta version will be available on November 6 and screenshots are posted here.
  • Deviant Coin released their Betty gambling bot on Telegram.
  • Deviant Coin: "Our upcoming release for Zdev will be a mandatory wallet update release with old minted coins disbursed to the users in an update this week."
  • Wagerr: All Champions League games will have bets from Wagerr. More on their Twitter.
  • Ambrosus CEO Angel Versetti talks about token lockup on LinkedIn.
  • Syscoin community update on Medium.
  • Phore Development update on Medium.

Hosting Platform Listings

  • Apollon Nodebuilder now supports Monoeci.
  • Apollon Nodebuilder now supports ION.
  • Apollon Nodebuilder now supports ProjectCoin.
  • Apollon Nodebuilder now supports EVOS.
  • Apollon Nodebuilder now supports BuySellCoin.
  • Apollon Nodebuilder now supports XDNA.
  • Apollon Nodebuilder now supports Bitcoin Adult. (Website)

  • 1X2 Coin $1X2 has been added to the MNO platform.

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