• Buzz: What Can We Expect From TE-FOOD?.
  • Bitsend Core Wallet has been released wich includes a very importantSecurity fix for a DoS vulnerability CVE-2018-17144. Updating is recommended.
  • Rupaya teases their new brand identity on Twitter.
  • Syscoin core 3.1.4 is released: This is a bugfix release for a DOS vulnerability discovered in Bitcoin Core.
  • PolisPay: We recommend everyone to downgrade your wallets to 1.3.1, and start mining on PoW. We will look further on this issues, and will delay the fork day.
  • Bulwark released their schedule on Twitter.
  • Dash has been integrated into India's Bitbns Exchange.
  • ZEN 2.0.15 is scheduled for release on 9/27! This mandatory upgrade includes 51% attack prevention features.
  • POLIS deposits and withdrawals have been enabled in CryptoBridge.
  • Ambrosus will present at the Accenture Future Camp startup event. (Website)

  • Ourcoin $OUR has been added to the MNO platform.
  • Wagerr $WGR has been added to the MNO platform.

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