Masternode Buzz

  • Masternodes Listed Per Exchange! [Link]
  • PIVX Rolls Out Fixes to Address Fake Stake Vulnerabilities! [Link]
  • Matrix AI Begins Public Test of Masternodes [Link]


  • 3DCoin publishes new auto update script for masternode owners on their Forum.
  • Trittium weekly report on Medium.
  • PHORE "Synapse — Next Gen Sharding Architecture" on Medium.
  • Zcoin development update on their Blog.
  • Ambrosus talks about pioneering new approaches to human health on Medium.
  • Dash is used to pay for abseiling in Caracas, Venezuela on YouTube.
  • ION talks about their hardfork upgrade on Medium.
  • Terracoin January video update on YouTube.
  • Loki development update on Reddit.
  • Condominium integrated Coinbase Commerce in their MNHost platform.
  • BiblePay released their Q1 2019 roadmap on Twitter.
  • Duality Released their January update on Medium. (Website)

  • HIGHLAND $HLD @PayHighland has been updated with the new collateral of 8,000,00 HLD.
  • Food Chain $FDC has been added to the MNO platform.
  • Smart Green $SMGR has been added to the MNO platform and to the #Tiers tab.
  • Klimatas $KTS has been added as an #ICO to the MNO platform and to the ICO tab.
  • $FSC @Friendshipcoin has been removed from the MNO Platform because they are no longer a #masternode coin.

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