• Buzz: PR: CatoCoin Releases Groundbreaking Next Generation Masternode Coin.
  • Force Network has their ann on BetweenBlocks.
  • Force Network is now on Facebook.
  • Innova showed a sneak preview of their exchange platform
  • Dash v12.3.1 Released - Mandatory Update.
  • LightPayCoin is listed on CoinCodex.
  • SmartCash is live on
  • PIVX released their Secure PIVX Masternode Tool to manage masternodes while keeping collateral on a Ledger Nano S.
  • Mano showed a sneak-peak of their masternode hosting platform on Twitter.
  • LUX Coin has mined their first SegWit block.
  • Bitcoin Green released their new roadmap on Medium.
  • PAC Coin masternode monitoring tool 2.0 for Android and iOS is available in the app store. (Website)

  • Quix $QUIX has been added to the platform.

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