• Buzz: Phore Blockchain Seals Deal with Platinum Circle!
  • Crave Monthly Development Update on Medium.
  • APR's Discord now officially has over 6,000 members.
  • APR Mobile Wallet is now available on Google Play.
  • Stratis Platform will be the first coin to join the Stakenet Cloud.
  • PURA Wallet at is finally updated and live again.
  • SmartCash: Our dev team is just days away from completing the EdgeWallet integration.
  • Crave has been added to the GIN Platform.
  • Sibcoin was added to online marketplace Openbazaar.
  • Vsync Blockchain released their new whitepaper in PDF.
  • StakeAndNodes released the true masternode cost on their Website. (Website)

  • Bitcoin Adult $BTAD has been added to the platform.
  • $Dash Dominance is EXACTLY 2/3 of the #masternode market.

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