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  • EVOS announces their Service Platform which makes investments in masternode coins easier and more secure. They are developing a variety of services that will change the masternode investments industry. More information on their Website and Discord.



  • Buzz: Upcoming: #CPChain Announces RNode Collateral & Buyback Program!
  • Stake & Nodes discusses Tritium in his weekly podcast on SoundCloud.
  • Blocknet introduces Trade History and XWallets with new wallet update on Medium
  • PolisPay showed a sneak-preview of their creditcards on Twitter.
  • Phore Blockchain Co-Chairs the Global Assets and Wealth Form in Singapore on Medium.
  • Trittium updated their website, whitepaper and team members.
  • Stakenet added PhD Scientist & Hardware Engineer to their team. More on Medium.
  • Gentarium masternode hosting is now supporting Solaris, Monoeci and Vivo.
  • Hexx released their status report on Medium.
  • Ambrosus updating their masternode tokenomics. More on their Blog.
  • Rupaya Community Update on Medium.

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