Direct Announcements

Masternode News Announcements (Telegram)

  • KeycoBOT project roadmap released Telegram

@MasternodeHQ Highlights (Twitter)

  • Kreita $KRT reached 700 masternodes
  • Polis superblock voting only 1.5 day away, don't forget to cast your votes
  • Syscoin 3.0 Whitepaper Summary Tweet
  • Phore is now listed on
  • Allen Hena (@StakeAndNodes) will speak at the Decentralized Innovation & Music Festival later this month Tweet
  • PIVX launched a secure PIVX masternode tool for managing multiple nodes on a Ledger Nano S Tweet
  • Renos is listed on
  • Terracoin's supporters helped TRC claim
  • Noscrypto $NOS is now available on
  • ColossusXT $COLX reached 10k twitter followers Tweet
  • @StakeAndNodes released his second podcast SoundCloud
  • Stakenet featured on
  • Oyster Platform listed on CryptoBridge
  • Stakenet: We are excited to announce Frank Amato, Co-founder and former Executive Director for JPMorgan, has joined the Stakenet team as an Advisor

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