• Buzz: The New Face of Cryptopia!
  • Ambrosus: "NDS, a subsidiary of Korean food producer #Nongshim, has partnered with #blockchain startup #Ambrosus to track and trace premium quality beef sold by food retailer Mega Mart."
  • Ionomi launched their Platform 3.0.
  • GoByte Launches GoByte Pay Mobile: More on Medium.
  • ColossusXT weekly update on Twitter.
  • CATO Masternode count stands at 265. There are only 5 masternodes left at 3,750 before collateral rises to 4,150 $CATO.
  • SmartCash will soon be available on with 4 pairs: EUR, USD, RUB & BTC.
  • Birake is working to create payment gateways for their exchange, there is a sneak preview on Twitter.
  • Polis weekly update on Medium. (Website)

  • Lindacoin $LINDA has been added to the MNO platform.

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