• Buzz: Best performing masternodes #week30!
  • MANO masternode hosting platform has been launched.
  • The Aegeus ARM build is now available on the releases page. This will let users run aegeus on a raspberry pi.
  • CPChain Video Release: Blockchain Applications for the Automotive Industry on Medium.
  • Crown High Priority Wallet Update: v0.12.5.1. Please update your $CRW wallets to be safe from a bug the developers fixed today.
  • BiFrost mandatory wallet upgrade, more information on Discord.
  • VeChainThor mobile wallet v1.1.0 will be available for download on August 2nd. Major updates include enhanced observe wallet function, optimized user experience and bug fixes.
  • Aegeus: Wallet version 2.0.3 is ready and easy to update.
  • Phore wallet on Cryptopia is back up and running.
  • Ambrosus released a new blog on Medium.
  • CPChain Formally Becomes a Member of the IEEE Standards Association on Medium.
  • Rupaya weekly update on Medium.

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