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  • BiblePay (BBP) Interview with Rob Andrews, Founder and Lead Developer on info.qiex.com.



  • Buzz: Best Performing Masternodes #week49!
  • Buzz: Horizen Launches Sphere!
  • Horizen's Co-Founder Rolf Versluis talks strategic actions for Horizen on their Blog
  • Horizen's Co-Founder Rob Viglione talks strategic actions on their Blog.
  • SmartCash Radio Podcast E02 on YouTube.
  • "Phore Blockchain Enters Partnership Collaboration with World Mobile Telecom" on Medium.
  • Bitcoin Green report on Medium.
  • Bitcoin Green: BITGEX.io is being renamed to stakebase.com.
  • Rupaya December community update on their website.
  • Loki released Android Wallet 2.0 on Google Play.
  • Loki development update on Reddit.
  • PIVXpress episode on YouTube.
  • ColossusXT Q4 AMA on Reddit.

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