We are happy to announce that Private Datagram (PDG) has become a Buzz Backer! Private Datagram allows the exchange of digital products on the PDG network.


Masternode Buzz

  • Best Performing Masternodes #week3! [Link]
  • Bi-weekly Portfolio Challenge Update and ZIXX Masternode Giveaway! [Link]
  • CoinGecko Features Masternode Sector in Annual Report! [Link]
  • Cryptopia Experiences Security Breach! [Link]
  • Birake Updates Pricing Structure! [Link]
  • Confidec partners with TE-FOOD to Implement Food Traceability Solution! [Link]


  • Zcoin development update [Link].
  • Blocknet weekly update on Medium.
  • Polis weekly update on Medium.
  • SmartCash SmartTalk podcast episode 6 on YouTube.
  • SmartCash year in review on Medium.
  • PIVX talks about their goals and path forward [Link].
  • Crown Platform partners with automated trading platform Yanda on Medium.
  • TomoChain has released client update v1.2 on Medium.
  • ColossusXT released its v1.2 version on Medium.
  • TRITTIUM weekly report on Medium.
  • Birake talks about starting your own crypto exchange on Medium.
  • EtherZero celebrates their first year on Medium.
  • Terracoin January update on YouTube.
  • Apollon Coin talks about the release of their RYON platform on YouTube.
  • Dash Green has been listed on CoinMarketCap

Masternodes.online (Website)

  • $PMN is updated with the new collateral on the post-swap chain.

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