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  • Pandemia - The First Masternode Online Game.
    Take the best location for your nodes on the map and receive extra coins from the platform! Alpha Release at this week!
    More information on Website and Discord!



  • Buzz: Best Performing Masternodes #week37!
  • Buzz: Blockchain To Streamline the Travel Industry!
  • Stakenet released non-mandatory update v1.0.16.
  • Phore announcing Virtual and Augemented Reality features in their marketplace.
  • Gentarium has been listed on Cryptopia.
  • PIVX is sponsering the Provenance Summit Seoul 2018 Blockchain Conference held at 11/20 in South Korea.
  • Dash released version Announcement on their Forum.
  • PACcoin talks about governance on their Blog.
  • Sibcoin released their wallet in the iOS App Store.
  • BetweenBlocks has been listed on the Beam Platform.
  • Loki will enable Service Nodes within 1000 blocks.
  • AdultChain updated their live webcam platform adult.gg.
  • Syscoin weekly update on Medium.
  • CatoCoin announced their new investor portal.

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