Masternode Buzz

  • We are happy to announce Zolex is now a Masternode Buzz Backer! Use $ZLX to save 30% on trading fees on the exchange!

  • AXEL Launches AXEL.Network : A Global Decentralized and Distributed Platform! [Link]
  • Apollon Coin Is Shutting Down Hosting Operations! [Link]
  • Best Performing Masternodes #week8 [Link]


  • Dash Green has released their 'Greenpaper' on Twitter.
  • Horizen Is Now Available On HitBTC Exchange on their Blog.
  • Polis weekly update on Medium.
  • PIVX talks about the Fake Stake issue on their Blog.
  • Ambrosus at the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum on Medium.
  • Loki talks about different hosting strategies on Medium.
  • SmartCash shows their SmartCard being used at Anarchapulco on YouTube.
  • SysCoin weekly update on Medium.
  • GoByte announces the developer bounty program on Medium.
  • VeChain one-click enterprise solutions on Amazon AWS announced on Medium.
  • HackCrypto's "How to find the best masternodes in 2019" on YouTube.
  • Trittium has finished their 3rd coin burn on Twitter. (Website)

  • PACT $PACT has been added to the MNO platform.
  • Pegasus $PEG is updated to the post-swap chain.
  • Fline $FLN has been added to the MNO platform.

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