• Buzz: Solaris Reward Program!
  • Buzz: Best Performing Masternodes #week42!
  • Buzz: Dash 12.4 Update: Expect Major Privacy Changes!
  • Crown is now live on Delta Direct.
  • Crown Platform will hold their community meetup on Nov 3rd in Malta.
  • VeChain is showing their BMW Startup Garage stand on Twitter.
  • Zcoin: "The required hard fork will occur on December 10th at 12:00 UTC. After this time, blocks mined with the old Lyra2z algorithm will be rejected."
  • Ionomy has launched DASH Sharenodes on their platform.
  • Wagerr added a Korean KRW and BTC pair on the exchange.
  • Ambrosus: "Biz-dev Rado Dragov will be attending the #Blockchain Forum CEE Block in Sofia, Bulgaria on 25-26 October."
  • Apollon adds 24 coins in 7 days article on Medium.
  • Bulwark joined the Blockfolio Signal app.
  • Trittium updated their webwallet
  • Birake shows their 'White Label Exchange' on YouTube.

Hosting Platform Listings

  • ColossusXT has been listed on the Apollon Platform. (Website)

  • EcoPayCoin $ECP has been added to the MNO platform.
  • GashCoin $GASH has been added to the MNO platform.
  • CrowdFund Coin $CFUND has been added to the MNO platform.

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