Masternode News Announcements (Telegram)

  • LIZUS: Hello @everyone We just released an important update that should greatly help the network to stabilize. Please, update as soon as you can and resynchronize your client (and masternode(s)) from scratch.
  • Helium update Telegram
  • Pirl biweekly status report Link
  • Mano coin listed on
  • Lightpay Coin is listed on CryptoBridge

@MasternodeHQ Highlights (Twitter)

  • Rhenium CryptoBridge withdrawels and deposits are enabled
  • Force Network won the bifineon community vote and will be listed on release (Q3 2018)
  • We have added $CPC CPCHAIN to Upcoming Masternodes.
  • Elliot Coin updated their Mac wallet for High Sierra
  • Syscoin weekly update Link
  • Stakenet reached over 4000 members on their Discord channel

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