• Buzz: Best Performing Masternodes week44.
  • Buzz: Bright Food announces Bright Code Food Tracking on VeChain Platform!
  • Bitcoin Incognite released their roadmap on Twitter.
  • GIN Platform launches
  • Bitcoin Green weekly report on Medium.
  • Bitcoin Green updated their swag in the Bitcoin Green merchendise Store.
  • PACcoin will be speaking at the Washington Elite Blockchain Summit. More on their Blog.
  • PACcoin "Overcoming Adversity" article on their Blog.
  • XDNA put up their stand on Blockchain Life 2018. More on Twitter.
  • TE-Food will be attending the EuroTier 2018 Trade Fair in Hannover, Germany between 13th and 16th of November.
  • CazCoin released a video on their merchant portal for their CazShop on YouTube.
  • Horizen has been listed on Huobi Global.
  • Memetic / PepeCoin releaased mandatory wallet update v2.8. Hardfork will be at block height 1,700,000 in ~10 days. PepeCoin will go fully POS and block rewards will be reset at 15 per block.
  • Loki's latest development update on Twitter.
  • Syscoin community weekly update on Medium. (Website)

  • Wispr $WSP has been added to the MNO platform.
  • PeepMasternode $PMN has been added to the MNO platform.

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