Top crypto and pioneers of the masternode concept in the cryptocurrency space, Dash, has revealed that they are working on improving their “PrivateSend” feature, as part of their upcoming version 12.4 update. The update which will be unveiled in the coming weeks, is expected to feature a series of “optimizations and fixes” to PrivateSend.

PrivateSend is a privacy feature of Dash that allows masternodes to send funds anonymously. This is achieved by mixing the funds of many users, thus, obscuring the origin of a transaction.

On speaking about the upcoming upgrade, Udjinm6, lead developer on Dash stated that:

New changes should make mixing slightly faster due to multiple (4 by default) mixing sessions running in parallel now and make it harder to analyze mixing transactions thanks to more variance and more accuracy of the input selection algorithm. It should be okay to use PrivateSend for a general user who does not want to reveal the history of their wallet to every merchant/exchange/observer out there. If, however, you are in a situation when literally your life depends on it, you should probably consider using cryptography-based solutions with other security tools combined.

As part of the update to PrivateSend, the network will be adding more denominations to the available options. The current denominations are 10 Dash, 1 Dash, 0.1 Dash, and 0.01 Dash. It is expected that they will add 0.001 Dash to the options.

Finally, the 12.4 update will introduce a deterministic masternode list. This will allow wallets to get a list of masternodes without accessing the blockchain itself.