Popular masternode-pioneering cryptocurrency, Dash, has dropped to a 4-year low against Bitcoin. As at press time, the price of Dash was 0.0066961 BTC (equivalent to $46.42), which makes the price of one masternode 'only' 6.7 BTC or $46.420. The last time Dash traded this low against Bitcoin was in December 2015. Whilst the price of Dash against the USD has increased by almost 1700% since 2015, its price is still miles away from its ATH in 2017 ($1642). Against the US dollars, Dash is currently hitting a 3-year low.

There are no concrete reasons for the drop in Dash’s price since the entire crypto market has been quite volatile in the last year. However, it appears that some investors may be losing confidence in the project. Almost 2 years after the touted announcement of the launch of Dash Evolution, the project is yet to go live.

To add salt to injury, there were recent rumors that one of Dash’s Senior Advisors, Moocowmoo, absconded with the funds of several investors. Even though the rumors turned out to be false, damages were already inflicted. Fernando Gutierrez, Dash Core Group CMO, said:

This doesn’t make things good again because it should not have taken so much for him to send back the funds, but it is certainly a much better outcome than him disappearing without paying.