The final features of Dash’s version 0.13 upgrade have been activated, in anticipation of a smooth transition. The two new features are “deterministic masternode list (spork 15)” and “InstantSend (spork 16).” The team expressed their satisfaction at the level of progress that has been made so far.

These two milestones mark the final steps in the rollout of Dash Core v0.13. We are very proud of the incredible progress the team has made already in 2019, and are wasting no time in delivering on the next big development milestone: Dash Core v0.14 (already on testnet!).
Source: Dash blog

The deterministic masternode list paves way for a unified source of truth on the network, instead of the previous p2p messaging in determining who owns a masternode portion. The setup allows for separate keys for each masternode role – voting key, collateral key and operator key.

As the name suggests, InstandSend will speed up network transactions by automatically settling transactions with 4 or lesser inputs instantaneously. This is achieved by automatically locking transactions with small inputs and by removing the additional fee originally needed. These small transactions account for over 90% of all the transactions on Dash’s network.

Now, nearly all transactions will be locked and settled instantly by default for no extra fee, whether or not the wallet or service explicitly supports InstantSend functionality.