Considering the number of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects in the marketplace, there is no arguing the fact that it is a constant battle for supremacy out there. Investors are always on the lookout for the next big and promising project to put some money into. For this reason, the community and buzz around a crypto project may be up today and suddenly down tomorrow.


According to masternode monitoring and stat comparing platform,, DASH has for the first time lost up to 50% in dominance. A tweet from MNO reads:

$DASH dominance has slipped below 50% for the first time on MNO. That means that less than 50% of the #masternode sector's marketcap is composed of Dash.

Dash pioneered the concept of masternodes within the cryptocurrency space, and it can be loosely said that Dash is to masternodes, what Bitcoin is to other cryptocurrencies.

As earlier stated, with so many projects already in the masternode space, and many more joining the race literally every day, it is expected that only the best of the bests survive the battle.