Recently we've written about the attack that took place on DeviantCoin. Today, upon analysis, they have announced to do the snapshot on block 303777. That will be on or around June 22th.

They provide a good explanation of what a coinswap is in their Discord:

When a blockchain ports their existing tokens/coins to another blockchain, it is termed as a Coinswap. As the coins on the initial blockchain may be incompatible with the new one, it becomes necessary to initiate a swap to carry users from the old blockchain to the new one. New coin issuance to the old coin ratio will be decided by the developers. In our case, it will be 1:1.

The instructions require combining all coins to a single address, and, using a Telegram bot to swap the coins to the new chain:

  1. Combine all your DEV coins in one single address (Includes multiple masternodes and staking wallets as well) before snapshot block of 303777 commences.
  2. Install the new wallet which will be provided by the team.
  3. Keep the old wallet copy (2.1.0) as well.
  4. During the swap procedure, input your old wallet address which will be checked by the bot for validity on the blockchain. When prompted for the new address, generate a new address from the new wallet and input the same.