There are quite a number of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. When this is combined with the volatility of cryptos, it becomes clear why investors need to be able to quickly and easily monitor their crypto assets, while on the go. Crypto project, Deviant Coin has in a tweet noted that they will be unveiling their multi-asset wallet. They said:

We will be releasing a multi asset-wallet where you will be able to add coins of your choice. We are pleased to inform that $DEV holders will receive bounty rewards from other coins which will be added. Beta version by 6th Nov

The wallet will be compatible with several OS such as Windows and Mac for the desktop version, and Android and iOS for the mobile version. The mobile version is expected to be made available to the wider community on November 6, while development of the desktop version is still ongoing.

One exciting feature of the wallet is that users can add coins of their choice. The wallet has also integrated Changelly and ShapeShift to aid the conversion of digital assets.

Source Deviant

Source Deviant

Source Deviant