TomoChain has announced a recent partnership with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). The collaboration will give birth to a National Qualifications Archive (NQA) system that will secure recognized diplomas and certificates on TomoChain’s Public blockchain.

Adopting the NQA system by MOET will provide a standardized process at the national level that allows all agencies to enable verification of diplomas in a simple, accurate and economical way, without affecting the autonomous power of degree-granting institutions in Vietnam.

The archiving framework will be the first attempt at using blockchain by the ministry of education. Surprisingly, NQA isn’t a pilot project. A full-scale system roll-out will be implemented nationwide for the 2020/2021 academic session. The roll-out is expected to capture high schools, universities, and foreign language institutes in the country.

The collaboration is a major win for TomoChain, considering the scale of the roll-out. To put things in perspective, the ministry of education and training oversees the entire education system of Vietnam – and this includes primary to higher education, as well as teacher, professional, and vocational education. In general Vietnam’s MOET services over 22 million students.

For the first phase roll-out, 2.45 million high school students and an extra 1.4 million higher education students would qualify to be part of the new NQA system upon graduation. Following a successful trial run for the 2020/2021 school year, it is possible that NQA will work towards cataloging older certificates while including newer diplomas granted by units under the MOET.