How would you feel waking up one morning to the fact that all or some of your crypto assets invested in masternodes have been stolen? The feeling is simply unimaginable (I mean nobody loves to be at the losing end).

I believe this was the feeling an investor of Tiaomo's shared masternode service had when he noticed that his funds associated with the service had been hacked and his funds stolen. Tiamo, a Discord user who was running his shared masternode services in the GIN and Deviant channels found out Tuesday night his computer was breached and around $170,000 worth of his cryptocurrencies was stolen. He stated:

Tonight, my personal computer was breached by attackers. The attackers have managed to gain access to my cryptocurrency wallets. They first broke into my Google account at 2018-10-02 18:47 UTC. After this, they logged into several other online accounts, including cryptocurrency exchanges and cloud storage.
Despite never storing important passwords in digital form, always using 2FA where available and practicing good security, funds were still stolen. At 2018-10-02 20:05 UTC 64348 GIN were stolen. At 2018-10-02 20:07 UTC 10353 DEV were stolen. These were 99%+ all the funds that I held for this shared masternode service. A few minutes later, I shut down my PC. It still remains off.

Tiamo has taken some personal steps by reporting the incident to the Dutch police. Additionally, GIN has stated that this was an isolated case, and the breach was from the user's desktop wallet, as opposed to a hack of their platform. They are trying to help Tiamo resolving the situation and support him via the Dutch authorities in finding the perpetrator.