Almost a month after introducing its cryptocurrency concierge service, Divi has sealed a partnership with CoinPayments, a cryptocurrency payment processor. Following the listing, DIVI has joined over 1,700 other altcoins on the platform and will be available as a payment option for more than 10,000 online merchants.

Whilst confirming the listing, CoinPayment tweeted:

We are happy to announce our integration with Divi Project. Help support this user-friendly platform and their goals of increasing crypto adoption by accepting DIVI payments today!

The integration brings Divi a step closer to realizing its dream of simplifying the process of using cryptos whilst fueling adoption. CoinPayments touts itself as the first and largest cryptocurrency payment processor. The platform has nearly 2.5 million vendors in 182 countries. The solution of CoinPayments can be deployed for an online shop or storefront. For online shops, a plugin can be used to setup a crypto payment feature on a new or pre-existing checkout.

In addition to being available to over 10,000 online merchants, DIVI can be used to purchase gift cards on the platform. There are over 250 UK and US gift cards on CoinPayments including Adidas, Nike, Best Buy, and Uber, just to mention a few.