One-click masternode blockchain project, Divi, has joined the long list of cryptocurrencies trading on top 100 crypto exchange, Cryptopia. Cryptopia confirmed this in an official tweet, stating that:

DIVI will be available on Cryptopia for deposits, withdrawals and trading at 2:00 AM (UTC) on 10 October.

The cryptocurrency will be available on the following trade pairs – DIVI/BTC, DIVI/DOGE, and DIVI/LTC.

About DIVI
Divi is trying to simplify the crypto ecosystem by building a user-friendly platform that allows literally anyone to perform crypto transactions, without the hurdles of a rather steep learning curve. Instead of using complex crypto addresses that are hard to remember, the Divi proposes a multi-coin wallet which allows crypto users to perform instant private transactions and using unique identifiers like usernames, photos, emails, or logos, amongst others.

Their website states that, “[Divi is] developing a multi-tier masternode system paired with the easiest setup process in the game. Our Smart Wallet is powered with the crypto world’s most user-friendly interface. Divi is Crypto Made Easy!”