Divi which aims to bridge the gap between the rather technical cryptocurrency space and the general public has finally launched. The Divi blockchain allows users to perform private instantaneous transactions using unique usernames, as opposed to seemingly impossible-to-remember crypto addresses. According to their website:

[Divi is] developing a multi-tier masternode system paired with the easiest setup process in the game. Our Smart Wallet is powered with the crypto world’s most user-friendly interface. Divi is ‘Crypto Made Easy!’

Some exciting features of the Divi platform includes, an easy-to-use masternode software, dynamic value sporks, lottery blocks, an option for micropayments, and UTXO bloat control.

The Masternode One-Click Cloud Install (MOCCI) feature allows anybody to start earning from cryptos without the stress of having a CLI or technical knowledge. It’s more or less a “plug and play” solution, where users’ simple select their masternode layer and “press deploy”.

The dynamic value sporks feature allows changes to be made to the blockchain – changes such as payment values and requirements to qualify for lottery blocks can easily be changes. Interestingly, Divi is the first crypto to implement Dynamic Value Sporks (DVS).

As an incentive, Divi runs a lottery every week. Their lottery gives members of the network who have up to 10,000 DIVI the chance to 504,000 DIVI every week. Out of this amount, 50% (252,000 DIVI) goes to a single user, while the other 50% is share amongst 10 other winners (25,200 DIVI per winner).