This week's interview is with Geoff McCabe, CEO of DIVI. Geoff has an M.S. in Physics/Materials Engineering from UCF. He's a serial entrepreneur and leader of several startups, with up to $12 million in yearly sales and over 1000 employees. In case you've missed it, be sure to check out Part 1.

The bear market has decreased the funds of a lot of ICO/tokensale projects. How were these funds managed for Divi? What can you tell us about the financial stability of the project?

Our funds have been distributed between USD, ETH, and BTC for a while. As we go forward, we’ll be using a combination of these funds and governance treasury. We’re also talking with partners and investors that are interested in participating in our user-friendly digital currency platform. Our team is very lean right now and expenses are low. My two partners, Nick and Michael, are both coders so even in a worst-case scenario that could happen if the overall crypto market continues downward for a while, we can still complete the project. It just would take longer.

The masternode sector has become very competitive. What makes Divi competitive and unique compared to all other masternodes?

Divi has a known team that’s experienced and believable. We have very exciting future prospects because we’re solving problems that people can easily understand are important and relatable. We’re not just a PIVX or DASH clone. Our masternode and staker rewards are high in the first two years, and designed to bring in all the people who have wanted to own a masternode, but were unable to set one up themselves. This opens up new markets for us. We have a great community who are all long-term hodlers, with no anonymous whales who can spoil the show.

We’ve already demonstrated that we’re creating lots of new technology. For example, besides the MOCCI, we have DVS (Dynamic Value Sporks) that allow us, and eventually by community vote, to change the blockchain’s characteristics nearly instantly. We have a new system to clean up UTXO bloat. Our blockchain can handle microtransactions with a new fee algorithm. We have lottery blocks that pay out big rewards to 11 people per week. Lots of good stuff, and this is just the beginning.

What are your plans for business development and your strategy to increase your community and introduce new members to Divi?

I talk to about 20 people every day about Divi… lots of ongoing conversations like this one. Many CEOs of other coins who I discuss strategy with. I’m in a group of crypto hedge fund managers. Everyone is a bit in shock right now because of the ongoing bear market. It’s not what they were expecting. Many of these guys dropped really good opportunities in mainstream tech to focus on crypto and it’s become a grind that’s not fun anymore. Everyone has the problem of people dumping their coins to get into Bitcoin or fiat and just wait this out.

People are looking for something to put money into besides Bitcoin, but it’s hard to know what “value” is in crypto since this whole world has been built mostly on hype and promise. Our strategy is to cultivate an image that we’re a gem floating in a sea of crap. Our advisory board really helps us stand out, and our USP is easy to understand. We offer a solution to the crypto world’s current dilemma, because new money isn’t coming in while crypto is so difficult to use. It’s the elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring.

At some point the ease-of-use wave will come and we’ll be there riding on top of it. On a practical level, we’re trying to stay away from shillers who require payment for reviews and that type of thing, because we want smart money investors who think long term and invest in good teams and practical technology they can understand. Speculators, pump and dumpers, shillers, they all hurt your image when they focus their mobs on you.